What’s better using his product every day and notice errors, missing and bugs….
Since the previous article, I did a lot of small improvements:

  • Now possibility to change memory and vCPU quantities for live VM
  • View a Screenshot in VM edition
  • Windows System installation …well, some of them…
  • Better VNC integration
  • Many bugs corrected…

Windows Systems

I can finally install (some) Windows system !

For Windows installation, you have to select a disk where to install your partitions, install… For this, Windows need to recognize the disk ! And to be able to do that, it requires some drivers (to communicate with the same language).

Hopefully, RedHat did a Virtio disk and this disk content all the drivers for Windows !

So why I say some… because Windows doesn’t work always the same. Since Windows 11, you need an UEFI BIOS with TPM 2.. I’m not sure if I want to spend time to see how it works for the moment.

For Windows XP and Windows 98, I spend time, but it’s another problem. The nowadays Virtio doesn’t have the XP and 98 drivers anymore. So I had to use an old Virtio version, but I couldn’t find any way to load these drivers during the installation (installations were very basic).


I started a page to edit the VMs. For the moment, you can do it live for CPU, Memory and set an Autostart option.

Curiously, I did this page, more for the Autostart than other component. I had many electric power cut issues, and all my infra is configured to start every server, services…automatically.

LXC is well done for that, but for QEMU, you have to specify. That is done now !

Reading the Libvirt documentation, I also found how to do a screenshot, I added it in the VM parameter page also.


I’m still trying to integrate the Pyxterm inside my code, but still face a lot of issue. Not easy to my some socket and non-socket in flask.

I will add some possibilities such as increase or add a disk, maybe USB pass-through… also.

I still also have to correct some bugs such as the nvram error when a VM install crash or failed, add some checks to be sure actions are done, improving the alerts for better info.

To be continued…



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