I often use a scan Android Program called « Fing » on my Network. But this app requires to be connected on his Wifi network and not easy to check your network when you are not at home.

For this, I did a small Python script to scan a network or open port for a specific IP/Site (on my git)


I don’t use nmap script because I met a lot of issue with other nmap/scanner script.

It will show « live » the actives devices in network and show them on a Flask web page using sockets. It will also try to determine the MAC address using the API from :


You can improve the scan if you have an account by removing the line :


But if you want to use it as free API, this sleep is needed to not reach the limit.

Network Scanner Live
Network live scanning
Port Scanner Live
Port live scanning


This project is the minimum for the moment, I will for sure evolve it in the future…

For example, I plan to save the scan in a database to have a kind of CMDB, and maybe add a speedtest on another tab.

Moreover, I plan also to retrieve more information about the targets : such as OS, maybe service running behind a port…)

But these scans, take a long time to get the information and my priority is to have a quick view, nmap is a better school for having more info.

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