Some days ago, I had to transfer a big file. Of course, you can’t use your mail service to send big files, and you have to use a dedicated tool. As I don’t want to use sensitive or personal files on cloud, I avoid to use website such as WeTransfert or Web alternative, and I don’t want to create account for a single use in these websites.

I used to upload in a self-hosted tool, Jirafeau (https://gitlab.com/mojo42/Jirafeau). This tool works nicely but I find it not really adapt to my vision. So… I decided to develop mine..

My needs

I wanted something:

  • Simple and modern
  • QRcode (to transfert to my phone)
  • No database
  • Manage expired or Single download files
  • Using SSL for transfert.
List of files and informations.

I turn again to python and Flask to develop something (as for my tool Hype ).

Flask is a very nice framework and provide a lot of tools to my need; You can easily add a certificate (autosigned), you can force a file for downloading, automate actions… And many plugins will complete my code (QRcode, Drag and Drop…)

My first reaction when I start this project was « Ok it will be fast to do, it’s easy as I already use a Dropzone and I know how to force a download ». Then I start to work on it. I start to think about all the steps I have to do and all info I will need ; As I don’t want to implement a database, where to store info ? How to retrieve and what info I will need (to check retention, single download…)? How to manipulate date and time easily ?

I stopped… It was not as simple..

Then I start again, but this time, as all development should start : an algorithm.

Once the algorithm done, everything came easily, and I just add to organize and convert my algorithm to code.

I let you discover my code here and feel free if you see amelioration or bugs :


Download page to share with the client.


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